DIY Electronics


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Miscellaneous Data Sheets for kits some of which may be developed further someday.

IRF4905 MOSFET used in the bi-directional DC Motor Controller Kit 166 now in production.
IRF530 MOSFET rated to 100V which is now used in Kit 67.
Soshin GFWB3 Bandpass filter thru hole component.
PN918 RF transistor
RF2334 SOT23 RF transistor
MPS3563 RF Transistor Data Sheet.  The ZTX320 is now discontinued so we will probably use this in Kits 16 28 & 32.
MPSH10P RF Transistor Data Sheet. Tests showed this was not any better to the ZTX320.
BA5417 New Rohm audio IC
Philips BF410D
NTE112 silicon small signal schottky diode
TDA7057AQ 2x5W DC Volume Control
Female 9 and 25 pin D connector pin functions.
AN177. Overview of PLL's.
5mm LED General Data Sheet. What is a Varactor Diode - Zetex
BC327, BC328 transistor.
Data Sheet ISD 32 40 48 & 64 second chips.
RF Data Link Tech Manual