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This now a much reduced Links page. With modern search engines topics can be found more easily than looking on Links pages like this one. Only close Kit links and now here.

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Electronic Kit

Main Electronic Kit Manufacturers:

Smaller Kit Manufacturers:

Electronic Magazines

Beginners/advanced - science, electronics & computer information

Comprehensive & excellent sites. Many links to a VERY wide range of topics.

There are a huge number of technical papers available by searching Adobe pdf files online. Try


Small Kit FM Transmitter Theory

There is a huge amount of techncal information to be found in the following University & Individually-run Sites.

PIC Programmers

Traps for the unwary: does it come with an assembler and programming software? If not, where do you get them. Is there technical support? Does it have on-board firmware which will need upgrading (at a price) when new devices are released? Are a PCB and components provided or do you have to make your own? (What use is free software if you have to make and produce your own PCB?) Remember the more 'free' it is, the less support you will certainly get.

PIC Compilers - free, sort of

Microchip and more PIC sites

Atmel, Scenix, 80xx, 68HCxx

PC Upgrading, Tweaking and PC Information, Software

Parallel Port Information

Remote Control Information

General Electronic - some are big

Stepper Motors

Thermoelectric Devices, Peltier Modules, Solar, Pressure Sensors, Electret Microphones

Electret Microphone Web Sites

Information & code dealing with the most common LCD controller IC's.